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Duplicate a step in your videoask

When creating a video survey or funnel, you may find that some of the steps in your videoask are quite similar. Rather than starting from scratch each time, you can save time by duplicating an existing step and reusing its configuration for the next one.

Each step of a multi-step videoask has its own answer type, overlay text, and logic. Depending on the flow you're creating, you might end up needing steps in your videoask that are very similar or identical to each other. If this is the case you can duplicate any of your videoask steps to quickly add another step with the same settings to your videoask flow.

If you already have the perfect flow set up and want to reuse most or all of the steps in a videoask, learn how to duplicate an entire videoask.

Note: Currently it is not possible to duplicate a single step from one videoask into another. As a workaround, you can duplicate your entire videoask and delete any steps you no longer require.

⚡️ The quick version: Hover over a step and click the 3 dots for a shortcut to duplicate it. Then update the logic of the newly added step to fit into the flow. Need a little extra guidance? Keep reading for more detailed instructions.


How to duplicate a step in your videoask


From your VideoAsk account, choose the videoask you want to edit and click Build to open your videoask builder.


Select the step you want to duplicate.



Click the Duplicate this step icon.



Your duplicated step will now be visible in the builder area, but not yet connected to your videoask. It will be titled "(Copy) [Name of original step]". 


Note: Once you've duplicated a step, you can change the title of your new videoask step to something unique.

You'll notice that your duplicated step is greyed out and not connected to the other steps in your videoask flow. All you need to do now is fit it into your flow by setting up the correct logic and deciding which steps you'd like to lead to your duplicated step.

In this example, we want respondents who choose option E in step 2 to be directed to our new duplicated step. We can set this up in the Logic tab of step 2:


Now we'll need to update the logic of the new duplicate step we just added to the flow. In our original step, the logic was set to take respondents to step 2 or 4 depending on their answer.

Because the new step we just added is at the end of our flow, this step will send respondents directly to the End screen, which we'll set up in the Logic tab of our duplicated step.

💡Tip: We recommend trying out your new flow in preview mode to check everything is set up correctly before sharing it with the world!


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