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Only view complete responses from your respondents

Looking for a way to filter out partially completed responses so you can focus on strong leads who have answered every step in your videoask? Then this guide is for you! 

If a respondent closes out of their browser before completing all the steps in your videoask, or they choose not to continue with it partway through, you'll still receive answers to any steps they've already completed. Most of the time this is really handy and it can give you insight into drop-off trends and where you could optimize your flow. 

However, there may be times when you'd like to be able to filter your videoask inbox by complete responses only, and you don't want to waste time sifting through semi-completed responses.

You can set this up using auto-tagging and filtering. Keep reading to learn how.

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Set up auto-tagging

Set up a filter view

Set up auto-tagging


Create your desired videoask flow as normal. If you're new to VideoAsk take a look at our guides on getting started with your first videoask and how to create a multi-step videoask

Here's how our flow looks:


Once you're happy with how everything's looking, you'll need to make sure the last step in your videoask uses an answer type that's compatible with Advanced Logic. These include multiple choice, NPS®, AI Chatbot, and Live Call answer types.

💡Tip: If you weren't planning on using one of the answer types above, we recommend adding a final step in your videoask with a button answer type and toggling Skip data collection off. You could label the button something like "Submit" or "Finish". Although this step might not be strictly necessary for your flow, it'll allow you to use the Advanced Logic feature to auto-tag your response. It's important to make sure that Skip data collection is toggled off in order for automatic tagging to work. 


From the videoask builder, click the thumbnail of the final step in your flow.


💡Tip: You can also hover over a step and select logic for a sidebar shortcut.


Select the Logic tab.



Toggle on Advanced Logic.



If you haven't already set up conditions for this step, click + Add new condition.



Set up your desired logic by creating conditional statements (if a respondent selects this answer then jump them to this step).

You can find out more about setting up Advanced Logic here.

In our example, we'll take respondents to different URLs depending on which of our multiple choice options they choose:



Then we'll hit the + sign below the Jump to -> boxes and click Tag response.



Here we're going to create a new tag and name it "Complete", but you can also choose from an existing tag you've set up.



Click Done.


Note: If you have multiple conditions set up, make sure to add your "complete" tag to each condition.


Now when a respondent completes all the steps in our videoask, their response will automatically be tagged as "Complete".

Set up a filter view

To filter your responses by completed responses only, just follow these steps:


Select Filters from your videoask inbox.


From the dropdown list next to Show responses tagged as, select the tag you set up on the final step of your videoask. 

Note: You won't be able to select the tag you created until you’ve received a response with this particular tag applied (in this case when a respondent completes our videoask or you add the tag to a response manually).


Click Apply.


Now you'll only see complete responses to this videoask in your inbox. 🎉

💡Pro tip: Consider turning off email notifications for this videoask and set up custom email notifications using Zapier, Make, or another automation tool instead. This way you can customize your flow to only receive a notification for complete responses.

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