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Maximize course enrollment with an interactive sign-up form

Give potential students an unforgettable first impression of your course or school by creating an interactive video application or sign-up form.

Let prospects get an immediate sense of who you are by introducing yourself on video and create a sense of trust and openness from the get-go.

Below is a videoask sign-up funnel for prospects interested in a watercolor course:

⬆️ Don't worry, this one's set to preview mode so we're not collecting submissions. Feel free to have a play around.

In this videoask flow, we've used a range of answer types, including button, multiple choice and open ended. We've used conditional logic to add branching to our videoask, so respondents only see steps relevant to them depending on the multiple-choice answers they choose.

If this is your first time using VideoAsk, we recommend checking out our guide on how to create your first videoask to get started.

Note: Some of the features used in this videoask and mentioned below are only available on paid plans. Check out our pricing page for a full breakdown of what's included in each plan.

Here are some of the features we used:

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We've put together a list of time-saving integrations that VideoAsk users are making the most of in workflows like this one: 

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Share your videoask with the world

There are lots of ways to get your videoask out into the world:

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Continue the conversation through VideoAsk

And it doesn't end there! Spark a conversation after collecting submissions by replying to respondents directly from your VideoAsk account. Use tags to keep track of conversations and make the most of our direct message feature to reach out to your VideoAsk contacts with a personalized video message.

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