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Use Make (formerly Integromat) to easily automate complex workflows

Make  is a powerful automation tool that lets you connect VideoAsk to hundreds (if not thousands!) of different apps and any API. You can automate even the most complex workflows effortlessly. Here at VideoAsk, we're totally smitten. 😍

VideoAsk users are making the most out of our integration with Make to personalize their workflows in all sorts of ways. Keep reading to find out about some of the options available. 

This is just a starting point to get your creativity flowing - the list of what you can do with VideoAsk and Make is pretty much endless!

Note: A Make account is required (free plans are available).

Using Make in your VideoAsk flow

Allow your respondents to download a video they've recorded and submitted through VideoAsk

Use Make to add an email button to your videoask

Use Make to add a call button to your videoask

How to build stronger relationships with your remote team using VideoAsk and Make (🗣 VideoAsk Community guide)

Find out more about how you can use Make with your VideoAsk flow.

Send your video responses to Google Drive with Make.

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